Remote control outdoor lighting: the perfect way to create the ultimate luxurious experience

Remote control outdoor lighting: the perfect way to create the ultimate luxurious experience

If you enjoy illuminating your garden, balcony, or terrace with one of our festoon belts, you will definitely recognize this feeling: you're immensely enjoying your evening and you're a bit reluctant to get up to turn off the lights. If this sounds familiar, we have the ultimate solution for you: a dimmer with remote control. This will allow you to enjoy your garden lighting to the fullest, without having to get up. Does this sound like a dream and are you still on the hunt for a festoon belt to add some coziness to your garden? Then our dimmable festoon belt sets which include a dimmer and remote control are the solution you have been waiting for! 

Remote control with dimming function

The remote control consists of several functions, not only can you use it to switch your lights on and off, but you can also use it to dim them. You can dim the lights up to 25%, 50%, or 75%. Would you like to determine when the lights are supposed to switch off? Thanks to the built-in timer function, you can choose to switch off the lighting after half an hour, an hour, two hours, or three hours. Another plus is that you can use your remote control to switch off or dim your bulbs from a distance of up to 20 meters. This allows you to create suitable lighting for every situation instantly while remaining comfortable on your couch. Soft atmospheric lighting, ambient lighting, or more bright and functional lighting - the choice is yours!


The dimmer set has an IP degree pf IP44, meaning that you can use the dimmer outdoors without any problems. During long-term outdoor use, you can protect the connection between the plug and the socket a bit more, for example by using a shrink tube.

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