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Industrial pendant lamps

Looking for a sturdy lamp for above the dining table or an eye-catcher when you arrive in the hall? Then you're in the right place on this page. Industrial means more than the robust lamps with coarse steel chains and nowadays comes in a lighter and smaller design, allowing you to make good combinations with various interior styles.

Industrial pendant lamps match any living style

If you have chosen a certain style in your home such as classic, modern, vintage, or design, it does not mean that combining with items such as an industrial pendant lamp is no longer possible. Contrast, on the contrary, gives your home a playful effect. Moreover, in the latest interior design trends, the look of what we understand by industrial is changing to a softer variant. A good example is the pendant lamp Maya or pendant lamp Hugo. These lamps also work well in the bedroom next to your bed.

Entirely to your requirements

With many of our pendant lamps, you have the option of choosing a light source to suit your needs. So you can decide what the desired atmosphere will be. Above the dining table in the kitchen you need more light than above the bedside table in the bedroom. In most cases, you decide the different wattages and colour temperatures for each pendant lamp yourself.

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