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Power cords

Power cord is a broad and general term for the cord to connect an appliance to the mains. Many appliances come with a connecting cable as standard, but if you have an appliance without a connecting cable or want to replace or extend the current connecting cable, you can opt for a separate connecting cable. Choosing the right cable is important. Attention should be paid to the number of cores and the diameter of these cores.

Two- or three-wire connection cable

You can choose between two-wire or three-wire cables. A two-core cable is used in situations where it is not necessary to make an earth connection. The brown or black wire is the phase wire and the blue wire is the neutral wire. The three-wire connecting cable is used for connecting appliances where a protective earth connection is necessary. The black or brown wire is the phase wire, the blue wire is the neutral wire and the yellow/green wire is the earth wire.

Wire diameter

With us, you will find connection cables with a core diameter of 0.75 mm² or 1.5 mm². Cables with a 0.75 mm² core diameter may be loaded with a maximum current of 2.5 amps. At 230 volts, this is a maximum power of 575 watts. Do you want to connect larger loads? Then choose the cable with a core diameter of 1.5 mm². This may be loaded to a maximum of 10 amps. At 230 volts, this is a maximum power of 2300 watts.

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