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Earth cables

Want to install electricity in your summerhouse or shed? With us, you will find the right wiring to do this job.

Why earth cables?

When you want to install electricity outdoors, it is important to work with special ground cables. As it is not allowed in the Netherlands to string electricity cables above ground, these cables must be buried in the ground at a minimum depth of 50 centimetres. Not every cable can be buried, which is why it is important to choose a special ground cable. A ground cable consists of electricity wires protected by a steel braided sheath. Should the cable nevertheless be damaged, the sheath is hit first and only then a live conductor. This will cause the earth leakage circuit breaker or maximum circuit breaker to switch off immediately, thus de-energising the ground cable.

What are XMVK axis ground cables?

The ground cables we offer are XMVK-AX cables. The XMVK-AX is a ground cable with a small bending radius and also a small diameter. This cable is suitable for light applications with voltages up to 450/750V and simple connections, such as, for example, installing a number of sockets in the garden shed or shed. The ground cable can be fitted at both ends, in your house and in your garden shed, in the familiar grey junction box with waterproof glands. As the cable cores are solid, they can be terminated with standard welding clamps.


Grondkabels of buitenkabels

Een grondkabel is ideaal voor gebruik ondergronds, maar is natuurlijk ook gewoon te gebruiken boven de grond. Door de stevige afscherming is de kabel niet heel flexibel, de buigradius zal te groot zijn om netjes een hoek om te gaan. Als je elektriciteitsdraden op de muren wilt plaatsen kun je het beste een buitenkabel gebruiken. Deze is wel te verbinden met een grondkabel, zo kun je een deel onder de grond laten lopen. 

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