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Glass pendant lights

A pendant lamp made of glass is a good choice if you want to go for a nice transparent lamp. Because you can see through the glass, you can clearly see the LED bulbs you have put in the socket. So if you have nice filament bulbs, a glass lamp is a good idea.

A glass pendant lamp for any interior

There are different types of glass pendant lamps. We have chosen a sleek range with the most popular lamps. Depending on the style, the lamp will look good in an industrial, modern or even rural interior.

Which glass pendant lamps are popular?

The pendant lamps below are the most popular. Take a look and see which one suits your interior most. There may be a little overlap between the different styles, so it's best to look at the products themselves.

Retro glass pendant lamps

Retro pendant lamps are classic pendant lamps with a modern flare. That means they fit well in older, but also in modern interiors. Depending on the model, you can choose lamps with a fully transparent shade, which means they provide light all over the room. And other lamps have a specific angle of incidence, which means the light is not directed in all directions.

Art-deco glass pendant lamp

Art deco is a style that originated between the 1920s and 1938s. These lamps are somewhat similar to vintage lamps, but are still easily recognisable. If you are looking for a pendant lamp for a slightly older interior, art-deco glass pendant lamps are a good idea.

Design glass pendant lamps

Glass design pendant lights are pendant lights with a specific design. As a result, they attract a lot of attention when you hang them in a room. This means they won't fit into just any interior style. But if you're looking for a real attention-getter, then it's a good idea to opt for these style lamps.

How do you install a pendant lamp?

Our pendant lights are connected to the power grid, and you will therefore need to connect them to the grid with a cable. In most cases, you probably already have a hole in the ceiling where power wires come out. You install the pendant lamp as follows:

  1. Switch off the power of the power group where you will attach the lamp. Then check with a voltage detector.
  2. Attach the mounting bracket by turning the screws in the ceiling
  3. Connect the electricity wires. Connect the blue and black wire from the socket in the terminal block to the blue and black wire from the pendant lamp. It does not matter which of the wires goes where.
  4. Attach the pendant lamp to the mounting bracket. You do this by screwing it to the sides of the bracket.
  5. Tighten everything securely.
  6. Insert the bulb.
  7. Turn the power back on and check if it works.
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