Ceiling fans with summer and winter function

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Ceiling fans with summer and winter function

Ensure a nice cool room during hot days or a pleasantly warm room during cold days with our ceiling fans. The ceiling fans have a 2-in-1 function: they cool or heat the room and can also be used as lamps.

The advantages of a ceiling fan

Our ceiling fans can be used in both summer and winter. Because you can adjust the rotation direction of the blades, you decide whether the fan pushes the rising warm air from the heating back into the room or whether the fan provides a cool breeze through its air movement. The ceiling fans come with a remote control, which allows you to adjust the speed of the blades, among other things.

Ceiling fan with lamp

In our range, you will find the lighting you want for your home. Enjoy your lighting extra with the dual function of a ceiling fan with lamp. In addition to providing a cool breeze in summer or a pleasant flow of warm air, you can also use the fan as lighting.

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