LED downlights

LED downlights

LED downlights are efficient and energy-efficient recessed lights that can be installed in almost any ceiling. Downlights are modern and provide beautiful and abundant light. It is the ideal lighting for corridors, entrances, auditoriums, meeting rooms and offices. The LED downlights have a recessed height of only 3.7 cm, allowing them to be easily concealed in the ceiling. All our LED downlights are flicker-free. With our energy-efficient LED downlights, you get the maximum of what is technically possible. The lens and mirror optics in the downlight ensure that the light is uniformly distributed throughout the room.

The LED downlights come with a fitted 1.5 metre mains lead with euro plug. Our range includes both round and square downlights.


What are LED downlights used for?

LED downlights are ideal for lighting offices or other large spaces, such as corridors. Furthermore, you can also see downlights being used in schools, showrooms, shops and more. If you are looking for clear lighting for a large room, LED downlights are the right choice. LED downlights are also used in modern living rooms or kitchens.

How do you recognise professional LED downlights?

You can test the quality of LED downlights by looking at the downlight's light with your phone's camera. With cheaper downlights, you will notice that the light flickers. With our downlights, the light remains stable even when you look at the light through your phone's camera. This is due to the quality of the driver.

Our professional LED downlights have a power factor of >0.85. This allows several LED downlights to be connected to the same group. This makes our LED downlights suitable for use in professional installations such as offices, workshops, catering establishments, etc. The LED downlights are ideal replacements for both recessed spotlights and obsolete fluorescent lighting.

Because the LEDs are on the back plate of the downlight and not in the side, the entire luminaire acts as a heat sink for the LEDs. As a result, the service life is significantly higher than with LED panels, where the LEDs are on the side.

Which light colours can I choose between for the downlights?

You can choose between colour temperatures 3000K / 830 (warm white) and 4000K / 840 (bright white). We often see customers using 3000K in homes and 4000K preferred in office buildings. This is because warm white light creates a more pleasant ambience, while bright white light provides clear light and is therefore practical when good visibility is important.

Between which wattages can I choose for the downlights?

In our range, you will find LED downlights in different wattages. Depending on the application and space, you can choose 6 watt, 12 watt or 18 watt. The higher the wattage, the brighter the light of the downlight. So if you want to light a living room, it's better to choose a downlight with a lower wattage. If, on the other hand, you want to light a large hall, we recommend choosing a downlight with a higher wattage.

How do you install the LED downlights?

Because our LED downlights feature a depth (recessed height) of only 3.7 cm, they can be installed in almost any ceiling. Two clamping springs are attached to the back of the downlights. This allows you to easily conceal the downlights in both suspended ceilings and fixed plasterboard ceilings. As a 1.5-metre cable with a Euro plug is fitted to the downlights, no screwdriver is needed to connect the downlight. It is literally: plug & play.

More information on LED downlights

Would you like to know more about our LED downlights? Or do you have a specific question that is not answered on this page? Then get in touch with us. We will be happy to help you further.

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