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Filament bulbs

Filament bulbs create a beautiful lighting effect thanks to the spiral filament on the inside of the bulb. Filament is a new development in the LED field. In fact, the bulbs resemble traditional incandescent bulbs and create at least as nice an atmosphere. Meanwhile, you enjoy the advantages of LED: very low energy consumption and a long lifespan. So you combine the best of both worlds.

Filament bulbs vary in style, colour, size, and wattage. You will come across light sources in different filament styles in our range, for example the croissant spiral, the double-decker filament and the horizontal spiral. Select the style that most appeals to you here. You can choose from three colours of glass: amber glass, clear glass and smoke glass. Amber glass gives a warm glow, while clear glass creates a fresh, light ambience. Smoke glass provides a darker shade.


The diameters of the filament bulbs vary between 45mm and 200mm. The light sources are available in the following sizes:

  • Filament bulbs with a diameter of 45 mm
  • Filament lamps with a diameter of 60/70 mm
  • XL light sources: these filament bulbs have a diameter of 95mm, 160mm or 200mm.

Does your light fixture have an open shade or is it large? Then choose an eye-catching light source with the light sources from our XL series.

Filament bulbs: all the advantages at a glance

When you choose filament bulbs, you benefit from the following advantages:

  • BAvailable in various sizes and shapes
  • Low energy use
  • Very long lifespan
  • Attracts a lot of attention with its unique design
  • Our filament lamps are dimmable

How do you combine filament bulbs?

Filament lamps owe their popularity to their detailed finish. The filament in the lamp stands out and creates a beautiful light effect in the room. Filament lamps are therefore the ideal lamp when you want to give your luminaire that little bit extra.

Filament lamps are widely used in:

Pendant lights

Pendant lights often have an open design or provide plenty of space for the light source. An eye-catching light source is then the ideal way to complete the fixture. With a filament lamp, you emphasise the style of your lamp and interior. Thus, filament lamps are a popular accessory in industrial or modern interiors.

Cord suspensions

Cord suspensions are trendy because of their simple and minimalist design. If you are looking for a subtle light accent, a cord pendant is a good choice. A filament lamp stands out in a cord suspension and contrasts beautifully with the simple look of the cord suspension. For example, you can choose a large filament lamp from our XL collection here to complete your lighting.

Table lamps

This type of luminaire is used in many places: in the bedroom, study or simply in the living room. A flexible luminaire fits, you guessed it, a flexible light source. You can go in many directions with filament lamps. Their light effect is pleasant enough for the bedroom, but strong enough to work next to. Moreover, our filament lamps are dimmable, allowing you to control the light intensity yourself.

Filament bulbs: dimmable

All filament bulbs are dimmable. So you always have flexibility in the lighting effect. Most lamps are dimmable by default. You can dim these lamps with an external dimmer. If you do not want to use an external dimmer, the 3-step dimmable light source is a handy choice. You can dim this light source by switching the lamp on and off briefly. So dimming this filament lamp is easy and does not require an external dimmer. You can dim the light source at 3 levels: 100% brightness, 50% brightness and 7% brightness.

We also offer dim-to-warm filament bulbs, where you can dim the light colour from warm white light (2700K) to extra warm white light (2200K). These bulbs are nice when you want to be able to create both warm ambient light and whiter, more functional light.

How do I choose the right wattage?

The wattage, expressed in watts, determines how brightly a light source shines. The lower the wattage, the less brightly the light source shines. All light sources in our range (except some barbed cable light sources) are dimmable as standard, which means you can adjust the light intensity. So you don't have to worry about a light source being too bright. Are you specifically looking for strong, bright light? Then it's better to choose a higher wattage, such as 8 or 10 watts. This is because you can always make the light of a dimmable light source less bright by dimming it, but not brighter than the wattage of the light source itself.

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