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Are you looking for a switch to make operating your barbed wire set, indoor lighting or outdoor lighting easier? Our high-quality switches have been carefully selected to complete your lighting. For example, we have a switch set with remote control or a surface-mounted plug with switch in our range. Are you looking for a switch that you do not have to operate yourself? Then take a look at our time switch, holiday switch with light/dark sensor or our motion detector. We also have a switch in our range that you can link to your smart bulbs.

Switch set with remote control (IP20)

With this switch set, you can switch your barbed wire or other lighting on and off from a distance. It comes with a simple remote control to operate the switch. The remote control has a range of 30 metres. The signal also goes through walls and ceilings.

Surface-mounted plug with switch (IP20)

With this plug with switch, you can easily switch on and off your lights using the switch on the front of the plug. This way, you can switch off your lights without unplugging. When the switch gives light, the lighting is switched on. When the switch does not give a light, the lighting is switched off.

Analogue timer (IP44)

With this time switch, you can set the lights to switch on and off at fixed times. The adjustable switching period is 30 minutes. That means you can set in advance, per time unit of 30 minutes, when the lights go on and off daily. The system is easy to set up and provides convenience.

Holiday switch with light/dark sensor (IP20)

With this handy holiday switch, the lights will come on when the switch detects that there is low light. When the sun sets and the sensor detects less than ten lux for more than ten minutes, the switch will signal for the lights to come on. In summer, the lights will then stay on for two hours and in winter, the lights will stay on for five hours.

Motion detector (IP20)

This handy motion detector will turn on your lights as soon as it detects motion. This motion detector is suitable for indoor use and the time the lights stay on after motion is adjustable from 10 seconds to 15 minutes. The sensitivity can be adjusted according to the location. At low sensitivity, the detection distance will be up to two metres and at high sensitivity, the distance will be up to nine metres at an angle of 120°.

TUYA wifi plug

With this smart Tuya Wifi plug, you can make your home even smarter and more energy-efficient. You simply plug this smart plug into a wall socket. Then you open the Tuya Smart or Smart Life app and pair the smart plug with the app so you can turn the smart plug on or off via the app. You can also set a timer in the app when the plug should or should not give power. So you never forget to turn off the power to a device again! The app also works remotely, so even when you are away from home, you can also control the smart plug.

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